Kuasai Tenses Semudah bilang “I am hungry”

Present Simple (i do)

Simple present tense merupakan tenses yang digunakan ketika suatu kejadian sedang berlangsung saat ini, dan kegiatan yang telah menjadi kebiasaan atau rutinitas

Alex is a bus driver. But now he is in bed asleep.So:

He is not driving a bus. (he is asleep)
But he drives a us. (he is a bus driver)

Verb yang dipakai adalah Verb 1,  misalnya: Drive(s) / work(s) / do(es) etc.
Berikut contoh Simple present:
I / we/ you/ they
Drive// work/ do etc.
He / she/ it
Drives/ wprks/ does etc.
sesuai dengan fungsinya, simle present digunakan untuk membicarakan sesuatu yang bersifat umum.

We use it to say that somethings happens all the time or repeatedly, or that something is true in general. It is not important wheter the action is happening at the of speaking.

Nurses look after patient in hospital.   (something repeatedly)
I usually go away at the weekend.   (something repeatedly)
The earth goes round the sun.           (general truth)
Remember that we say : he / she/ it –s. Dont forget s:
We used do/does to make question and negative sentence:
Do / does
1/we// you/ they/ he/ she/ it
Work? Come? Do?
I / we/ you/ they/ he/ she/ it
Don’t / doesn’t
Word come do
I come from Jakarta. Where do you come from?  (aku berasal dari Jakarta, kalu kamu dari mana?)
Would you like a cigarete? “ no thanks. I don’t smoke  (Rokok nih. Ngga Makasih aku ga ngerokok)
Rice does’n grow in cold climates (padi ngga tumbuh didaerah dingin)

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In following examples do is also the main verb:

What do you do? (what’s your job?)   i workin a shop ( kamu kerja dimana?)
He’s so lazzy. He doesn’t do anything to help me. ( not he often are you going) (Dia males banget, ga mau bantuin aku)

that’s all guys. pembahasan kita tentang simple present tense.

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