50 Singaktan Gaul dalam Bahasa Inggris

Dalam percakapan sehari-hari, terutama di media sosial dan pesan teks, singkatan gaul digunakan untuk mempercepat komunikasi. Berikut adalah 50 singkatan gaul yang umum digunakan dalam bahasa Inggris beserta artinya

Singkatan gaul dalam bahasa inggris Mr.BOB Kampung InggrisFrom Canva

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Berikut Singkatan Gaul dalam Bahasa Inggris:

1. ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) – Kalau-kalau kamu melewatkannya.

Contoh: “ICYMI, here are the main news highlights from this week.”

2. TLC (Tender Loving Care) – Perawatan penuh kasih sayang.

Contoh: “This plant needs extra TLC to thrive during the winter season.”

3. FBO (Facebook Official) – Resmi di Facebook.

Contoh: “We finally made our relationship FBO after being together for a year.”

4. OTP (One True Pairing) – Pasangan sejati.

Contoh: “They are my OTP in that series. I fully support their relationship.”

5. SFW (Safe For Work) – Aman untuk dilihat di tempat kerja.

Contoh: “This article is SFW, so you can read it anytime without worrying.”

6. FML (F* My Life)** – Hidupku sial.

Contoh: “After losing my wallet and car keys on the same day, I can only say FML.”

7. SJW (Social Justice Warrior) – seseorang yang memperjuangkan masalah sosial

Contoh: “Some people view her as an SJW because she is always advocating for social justice issues.”

8. RN (Right Now) – Saat ini

Contoh: “I can’t talk on the phone right now because I’m in a meeting RN.”

9. IDGAF (I Don’t Give A F*)** – Saya tidak peduli sama sekali.

Contoh: “They can say whatever they want about me. IDGAF!”

10. HBD (Happy Birthday) – Selamat ulang tahun.

Contoh: “HBD! May all your dreams come true this year.”

11. N/A (Not Applicable) – Tidak berlaku.

Contoh: “Please note that the date field is marked as N/A because the event has not been scheduled yet.”

12. POV (Point of View) – Sudut pandang

Contoh: “From my POV, the new project management software will significantly improve our team’s efficiency.”

13. TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read) – Terlalu Panjang, Tidak Dibaca

Contoh: “TL;DR: The meeting is postponed to next Monday due to scheduling conflicts.”

14. IB (Inspired by) – Terinspirasi Oleh

Contoh: “This painting is IB the works of Vincent van Gogh.”

15. PC (Personal Chat) – Obrolan Pribadi

Contoh: “Let’s move this discussion to a PC to keep it more private.”

16. PM (Personal Message) – Pesan pribadi

Contoh: “I’ll send you all the details via PM later today.”

17. MOM (Month Over Month) – Dari Bulan ke Bulan

Contoh: “The company’s revenue increased by 5% MOM, indicating consistent growth in sales.”

18. SOP (Standard Operational Procedures)

standard yang ditetapkan oleh perusahaan sebagai panduan karyawan dalam bekerja

Contoh: “All employees must adhere to the SOP to ensure consistency and efficiency in our operations.”

19. MoM (Minutes of Meeting) – Catatan yang berisi rangkuman selama rapat berlangsung.

Contoh: “Please circulate the MoM from yesterday’s meeting to all attendees for review.”

20. LMFAO (Laughing My F*** A** Off)

tertawa terbahak-bahak dengan sangat keras dan vulgar

Contoh: “After watching that comedy show, I was LMFAO the entire time!”

21. TOS (Terms of Service)

perjanjian, kesepakatan, atau kontrak antara pengguna dan penyedia layanan

Contoh: “I always make sure to carefully read the TOS before signing up for any new online service.”

22. YOY (Year Over Year) – Tahun ke Tahun

Contoh: “YOY, we’ve noticed a significant increase in attendance at the local summer festival.”

23. DWH (During Work Hour) – Selama Jam Kerja

Contoh: “I prefer to relax and read novels DWH as it helps me unwind after a busy day.”

24. AFK (Away from Keyboard)

tanda bahwa kamu sedang jauh dari komputer atau laptop. Biasanya istilah ini digunakan pada game online.

Contoh: “I’m going to be AFK for a while; heading to the park to enjoy the sunny weather.”

25. TIA (Thanks in Advance) – Terima Kasih Sebelumnya

Contoh: “Hey, can you feed my cat while I’m on vacation? TIA!”

26. OOO (Out of Office) – Sedang di Luar Kantor

Contoh: “Just letting you know that I’ll be OOO for a while, going hiking in the mountains.”

27. VN (Voice Note) – Pesan Suara

Contoh: “Hey, I just sent you a VN about our weekend trip plans. Check it out and let me know what you think!”

28. LMK (Let Me Know)

ungkapan pada seseorang agar memberi tahu dirinya tentang sesuatu jika ada sesuatu yang terjadi di waktu mendatang

Contoh: “I’m thinking about going to the beach tomorrow. LMK if you want to join.”

29. PAP (Post a Picture) – mengirimkan sebuah foto

Contoh: “Hey everyone, let’s PAP of our favorite vacation spots!

30. OMW (On My Way) – Sedang Dalam Perjalanan

Contoh: “I just got your message, OMW to the meeting now.”

31. WDYT (What Do You Think)

ungkapan pertanyaan pada orang lain untuk mengetahui pendapat mereka tentang suatu hal yang akan kamu lakukan.

Contoh: “WDYT about the new proposal for the project?”

32. IYKWIM (If You Know What I Mean) – frasa untuk menunjukkan hal yang sulit dijelaskan.

Contoh: “I’m planning a little ‘me time’ tonight, gonna soak in a bubble bath with some candles and soft music, IYKWIM.”

33. SMH (Shaking My Head) – tidak setuju atau tidak percaya atas suatu hal

Contoh: “When I saw him trying to parallel park for the tenth time, SMH.”

34. GWS (Get Well Soon) – harapan agar seseorang segera pulih dari sakit atau cedera.

Contoh: “Hey Sarah, heard you’re not feeling well. Sending you lots of GWS wishes for a speedy recovery!”

35. KEPO (Knowing Every Particular Object)

suka mencari tahu urusan orang lain yang tidak penting.

Contoh: “She’s always KEPO about everyone’s personal lives, wanting to know every detail.”

36. ILY (I Love You) – Unkapan cinta kepada seseorang

Contoh: “I sent him a text with ‘ILY’ before he boarded the plane, expressing my deep affection for him.”

37. GTG (G2G): Got to Go – harus pergi atau berpisah dari seseorang

Contoh: “Hey, I just got a text from my friend inviting me out. GTG, catch you later!”

38. JIC (Just in Case) – merujuk pada hal-hal persiapan atau tindakan pencegahan

Contoh: “I always keep an extra phone charger in my bag, JIC my battery runs low during the trip.”

39. CSL (Can’t Stop Laughing) – tertawa tanpa henti atau tidak bisa berhenti tertawa

Contoh: “After watching that comedy special, CSL at how hilarious it was!”

40. VIP (Very Important Person)

kelas yang bisa dibeli dengan uang untuk mendapatkan fasilitas lebih tinggi.

Contoh: “The party was attended by many VIPs, including famous actors and influential socialites.”

41. JIT (Just in Time) – tepat waktu atau pada saat yang tepat.

Contoh: “I always pack my suitcase JIT before leaving for a trip to ensure I don’t forget anything important.”

42. SOW (Statement of Work) – Laporan Kerja

Contoh: “After months of planning, our camping trip’s SOW includes detailed arrangements for meals, activities, and safety protocols.”

43. FWA (Flexible Working Arrangement) – Pengaturan Kerja Fleksibel

Contoh: “My doctor recommended FWA (Flexible Working Arrangement) to accommodate my medical appointments without disrupting my work schedule.”

44. WFA (Work From Anywhere) – Bekerja dari mana saja

Contoh: “With WFA becoming more accepted, digital nomads are exploring new corners of the world to live and work remotely.”

45. WFH (Work From Home) – Bekerja dari rumah

Contoh: “During the pandemic, many people discovered the joy of WFH (Watching Favorite Hulu) as a way to unwind after long days.”

46. WIP (Work in Progress) – Pekerjaan Sedang Berlangsung

Contoh: “My novel is still a WIP, but I hope to finish it by the end of the year.”

47. OKR (Objective Key Results)

OKR hampir mirip dengan Key Performance Indicator (KPI), digunakan untuk mengukur keberhasilan organisasi atau hasil kerja sesuai dengan tujuan awal.

Contoh: “After weeks of training, Sarah achieved her OKR of running a marathon in under four hours, exceeding her initial goal.”

48. KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

KPI adalah berbagai alat ukur atau indikator untuk menilai seorang karyawan dari kinerja atau performance yang dihasilkan.

Contoh: “After a week of practice, her KPI for running had improved significantly, showing her progress in stamina and speed.”

49. TBD (To Be Discuss)

istilah yang biasa digunakan seseorang untuk membalas kiriman email terkait pekerjaan untuk didiskusikan trlebih dahulu.

Contoh: “The details of our weekend getaway are TBD until we finalize our plans.”

50. TBC (To Be Confirmed) – rancangan atau informasi yang masih harus menunggu konfirmasi terlebih dahulu dari pihak yang bersangkutan

Contoh: “The date for our weekend getaway is TBC, as we’re still waiting to hear back from the hotel about availability.”

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